Sep 13, 2013

DIY Ampersand Cork Board Cut-Out

Friends, it's been way too long since I've shared a DIY project here, but I'm really excited about this one.  This DIY ampersand cork board is a cute way to add some interest to the wall above your desk, your kitchen counter, or amongst any gathering of photos and frames.  I thought the idea up, oh, about a year ago and although it took me a while to get around to it, it only took about 20 minutes to complete it! I had a set of four cork boards from back in my dorm days.  They never would stick to the dorm walls for a long period of time and many of them had broken corners from the many falls they took.  Instead of tossing them, I decided to give them a second chance with a more flattering shape.

Supplies: a cork board (mine came from Micheal's Craft Store), an ampersand to trace (you can use an object you already have, or print and cut out an ampersand in your favorite font), a pen, an exacto knife or utility knife (I used a utility knife) and a cutting mat.

1.  To prep, place your ampersand on top of the cork and trace it with the pen.  Make sure your lines are visible and remember to trace any inside holes!  2.  Remove the tracing object and place your cork board on top of the cutting mat to protect the surface underneath.  You could also use some thick pieces of cardboard instead of the mat.  3.  To get the best cut possible, use shallow strokes with the knife.  You will get a cleaner cut using ten shallow strokes as opposed to one big cut all the way through.  The cork is rough to cut and some pieces will crumble, but that is to be expected.

Now you're ready to hang it on the wall with some pretty notes, pictures, and inspiration.  This DIY project would make a nice yet inexpensive gift and could be completely personalized.  I like the idea of the ampersand, but you could cut out any shape, letter, or number.  Maybe a set of initials for a couple or newlweds, or an owl silhouette for a friend.  Tip: For gift giving, the cork board itself may be a little fragile so package it up with a piece of cardboard behind for support.


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