Sep 25, 2013

DIY Gold Polka Dot Vase

Remember the mason jar vase from last week? Well, it turns out that because my in-laws own a flower shop, our house has a large amount of vases as well as mason jars.  I wanted to change up some of the more simpler vases, and so you now have probably the easier DIY project ever.

All that's required for this is a gold metallic paint marker, and of course whatever vase or glass container you want to decorate.  Simply draw on your design, I chose polka dots.  Wait a few minutes to make sure the paint is dry and won't smudge.  And that's it.  Simple.

1 comment:

  1. Your vase turned out really great!! I really like your blog here too and your photos are gorgeous, I've had a nice visit. Oh, I've got this linked to my polka dots post as well today!