Sep 18, 2013

DIY Paper Bag Mason Jar Vase

There is no shortage of mason jars in our house.  We collected them for our wedding and have kept them ever since.  We use them as drinking glasses, pen cups, and sometimes vases.  My favorites are the truly vintage mason jars with pretty logos, but we bought a box of plain jars as well.  I'd been brain storming things to do with these plain mason jars when I spotted some printed paper bags I had been saving for a craft project too.  The paper bags were packaging pieces I received when I ordered tights from Ruche.  And so I had the idea to cover the mason jar in these paper bags to create a rustic vibe.

Supplies:  mason jar, paper bags, sponge brush, Mod Podge, twine (optional)

1. To prep, tear up the paper bag(s) into random, uneven pieces.  And make sure the mason jar is clean.  2.  Using the sponge brush, apply a coat of Mod Podge to the mason jar, starting with the bottom.  3.  Begin applying pieces of the paper bag at random.  Allow some pieces to crease or fold over so the finish will be crinkled.  The more folds, ripped edges, and imperfections showing, the more worn and rustic the vase will appear in the end.  4.  Continue covering the entire mason jar until all visible glass is covered.  It may be necessary to apply Mod Podge to parts of the paper bag when layering pieces on top of each other.  5.  Leave the lip of the mason jar exposed so it will appear to be sitting inside the crinkled bag, and so water won't damage the edges.  6. Apply another coat of Mod Podge over the entire mason jar, covering all of the paper bag (don't apply it to the exposed lip).  Let it dry according to the instructions on the bottle.

Lastly, you can add a piece of twine or ribbon and add your flowers.  Set the arrangement on your kitchen table, nightstand, or desk and be refreshed and inspired.