Sep 30, 2013

DIY Scalloped Glitter Collar

This DIY glitter collar was inspired by this blouse and this scalloped collar.  I wanted a collar that I could switch out with multiple pieces of clothing, and this is just it.  The project is pretty easy but be prepared to find glitter pieces all around your kitchen table for a week or so. 

Supplies: felt, glitter, glossy Mod Podge, hairspray, scissors, a sponge brush, wax paper or other surface protector, a sewing machine or needle and thread for hand sewing, and two scrap pieces of fabric or ribbon
To create the shape of your collar ... 1. Fold the piece of felt in half once, long ways, and then again in half sideways.  2. Cut the hole for the neck by starting in the middle on the longer fold side and cutting a half circle to about the middle of the short fold side. 3. Unfold the felt completely and refold it in half once, then cut one side of the fold to be the opening in the back. I also chose to trim the ends at a diagonal to create a V in the back.  4. Cut out the shape of your collar similar to the way you cut paper snowflakes.  I chose a scalloped edge.  Note that your cuts will not be perfect but you can trim them later. 5. Use a sewing machine or hand stitch the pieces of fabric at the ends of the opening so they will become the tie in the back that holds the collar together like a necklace.

To glitter the collar ... 6. Lay down wax paper or something else to protect the surface your are working on, and keep in mind you will pick it up later to dump glitter back into your jar.  7. Lay the necklace flat and give the entire piece of felt a coat of glossy Mod Podge (any Mod Podge will work but I chose glossy to help keep the shine of the glitter).  8. Sprinkle on the first layer of glitter, putting it on heavily and making sure to cover the edges.  Wait about an hour for it to dry really well and shake off the excess glitter and pour it back into the jar.  9. Coat the entire glittered felt with a light mist of hairspray, this will help the glitter stay in place a little better when you add the second layer of glue.  10. Apply a second layer of Mod Podge with the sponge brush.  It is inevitable that some glitter will move or come off on the brush, just have patience (whew, it was difficult!).  Sprinkle again with glitter, this time letting it sit overnight before shaking off the excess.  11. When shaking off the excess from the second layer, make sure to bend the collar and really get off as much as you can because the rest of the excess will end up falling off on you, your husband, your car seat, and anything else you touch when wearing the collar (as do some store bought glittered clothing).

Now your collar is finished and you can wear it around and pretend to be all fancy and such.  Try it on with pieces in your closet and see what it works best with.  I chose to wear it with a high neckline but I also think it would look great with a strapless dress and worn as more of a necklace than a collar.  There are many options and you could easily create it with differently cut edges and many colors of glitter.  It's a quick fix for something plain or a great extra accessory for something already dazzling.

If you create one, please leave me a link or picture in the comments! I want to see! :)

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