Sep 27, 2013

Jessica Chronicled is now the Ladyette

I've decided to change the name of my blog.

There.  I said it.  It's been a long time coming decision but I finally decided it was the right one.  I've read article after article about name changes and all the reasons why you should not change the name.  But ultimately, this is my space and I have to make decisions that take this blog to where I want it to be.  Although I still have a vague picture of what I actually want this blog to be, things are changing and ideas are spinning.  This may forever be a hobby, or if a dream can come true, there could be an entire team behind this blog one day, much like the ABM team.  Either way, the best decision for this blog at the time is to move forward with the new name.  So from now on, this will be the Ladyette.

You can look up "ladyette" in the dictionary and you won't find it there.  It was a word I invented one day when I had been reading some articles about branding and thinking about all of my future dreams.  To me the word ladyette means something extremely girly, feminine, and womanly.  Of course most of us know the definition of "lady," and how although it can be used to describe any woman, it is more often associated with a level of sophistication and class.  The suffix, "-ette" is used for distinctively feminine nouns.  So this seemed like a good fit, to take something feminine and lovely and make it even more feminine.  After mulling the word over, I ask one of my very best friends what she thought it meant after just seeing it and she said "classy, feminine, southern" and so from that moment on I knew it was exactly the name I wanted for this blog.

Thanks for embarking with me on this new journey.

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