Sep 16, 2013

Mustard, Teal + Burgundy

Well here it is, my burgundy debut.  About a week ago I decided to make a drastic change to my hair and go burgundy.  It's funny that something so simple, like changing your hair color, can require so much courage.  It has definitely been a step outside of my comfort zone, but a healthy step.  Change, even small changes, are a good thing.  Changes make life feel fresh.  Like changing seasons.  I love living in an area that gets to fully experience all four seasons, every time the season changes it's refreshing and inspiring.  This autumn, I actually have a pretty window view at work so, I'm looking forward to really watching the leaves change colors.  I can already see a little yellowness amongst all the green.

Because change is refreshing, I have a little closet trick I pull on myself every year.  I keep a good portion of my fall/winter clothing put away during spring/summer and vice versa.  Whenever the next season starts approaching, I pull out all of those clothes (many which I have forgotten about) and it's like adding a ton of new pieces to my closet.  So, the rut that I get stuck in every morning, trying to decide what to wear, it's suddenly refreshed.  I've been doing it for as long as I can remember and actually inherited the habit from my mother and grandmother.  The weather has been chillier this weekend, so I'm looking forward to breaking out my fall stash soon.

What are you excited about wearing again this fall?

blouse: cloth + stone (mine is TJMaxx but Anthro has a darker version // pants: khol's (similar) // boots: khol's // camera bag: jo totes