Sep 17, 2013

Nothing Can Separate

If you needed a reminder today, remember that there is absolutely nothing that can separate you from God's love.  Nothing you say, nothing you do, no monsters from your past, no worries from your future.  Nothing and no one can come between you and God.  His love for you is abundant, unconditional, and unbreakable.  Don't live in fear that you've strayed away and can never return to His arms, for His arms are always open.  Don't be afraid of taking that first fall into His arms, because I promise they are strong enough to hold you and whatever burdens you may be carrying.

"And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God's love." Romans 8:38

These photos were taken from our Smoky Mountains weekend trip with some friends.  It was my first time venturing up into the mountains since I was really young.  I was overwhelmed with the beauty of God's creation.  It's easy to overlook during the day-to-day but when you stop and take a moment to get away from everything and really see...His work is so beautiful, it will take your breath away. 

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