Sep 24, 2013

The Four Eyes Blouse

So you know how sometimes you see someone wearing a piece of clothing and you really have to talk yourself out of stealing it from them when they're least expecting it?  Well that was Mackenzie's glasses covered cardigan for me.  I was still remembering that cardigan three years after seeing her wear it for the first time.  An off white cardi with black frame glasses in different shapes, all over.  A Forever 21 classic.  I searched every place I could think of for a cardigan like that and finally gave out of exhaustion.  Then, three years later, in the middle of Forever21, there was this lovely blouse jumping out at me from one of the racks.  I had to control my happy dance to a minimal so I didn't embarrass myself and others in the store.  So naturally, the first day of fall, this blouse was on.  And now, Mackenzie and her cardigan can rest easy knowing that I won't be cardi-napping anything from her closet.

It's the simple things, folks.

blouse: Forever 21 // vest: TJMaxx (similar) //  oxfords: Steven Madden (available here)

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