Oct 15, 2013

Project Nesting: Main Bathroom Progress

My latest project nesting post was rather optimistic with a long list of rooms we wanted to finish before the end of the year. As the end of the year approaches, it looks like some of those goals aren't going to be crossed off my list, but I am at least pleased I can say our master bathroom is almost finished.  Instead of waiting until the end to do a complete reveal, I thought it would be more fun to share a progress report of what we have accomplished so far and what the rest of our plans look like.

+ Tiled the floor with porcelain tile we bought from Lowe's.  My uncle helped Ryan with this task and it made the biggest difference.  We put a rubber coating over the existing floor and laid the tile over that.  It's definitely not an easy DIY, I would suggest getting someone with experience to help if you decide to tackle something like this.
+ Replaced the loo.  The very first change we made was installing an energy efficient toilet. We had to reinstall it after putting down new flooring so now hubby is practically an expert.
+ Moved the sconce lighting to one over head light. This was easy to do because when we took down the mirror there was a large hole where a medicine cabinet used to be so rewiring everything was easy and then we patched the holes (don't do this without electrical experience). This may seem like an odd decision but we were going to have to move the sconces anyway to center the new vanity and give a little more elbow room for the toilet. And, choosing overhead lighting was just a personal preference.
+ Installed a dimmer in the light switch. It's the best thing to wake up in the morning and dim the light so I'm not squinting but being able to turn it up all the way when I'm applying make up.
+ Added an extra outlet.  Two outlets in a bathroom is way better than one.  Again, do not attempt this is you have no electrical experience or someone with experience helping you.
+ Replaced the main door with a white paneled door and switched out the hardware. WOW. This one change has made a huge impact in the bathroom and the hall, we can't wait to change out all the other doors in the house, it makes everything look so classy.  Our original plans were to paint the existing doors white but when we did, it just didn't turn out as nice as we hoped.
+ Painted all the trim white as well as the shelving and inside walls of the closet.
+ Stripped the wall paper, primed it, and painted the walls Aquatint by Sherwin Williams. The original wallpaper was blue and white damask velvet. I have to admit I loved the retro vibe and perhaps in a bigger room, on an accent wall, in black and white, I might have kept it. Removing the wallpaper made the room feel so much brighter and bigger.
+ Added a piece of trim below the window to balance things out.
+ Replaced the old vanity with a small vintage dresser and a vessel sink.
+ Installed new hardware everywhere: new faucets on the sink and shower, new shower head, shower rod, door knobs, and floor venting.
+ And of course the little touches like a new shower curtain and some decor pieces have helped.

+ Porcelain floor tile, energy efficient toilet, vessel sink, lighting, door, all hardware, and electrical pieces are from Lowe's. We took our time making purchases and were able to buy some pieces when they were on sale, it's worth the wait.
+ Vanity: a vintage dresser from a local peddler's mall. We cut up the drawers to make room for the pipes but were able to salvage about half of each drawer and I'm loving the cubbies it created.
+ Hook rack from TJMaxx.
+ Shower curtain from West Elm.

+ Apply a coat of oil-based polyurethane to the vanity top for protection from water.
+ Whiten the 'vintage-white' grout on the wall.
+ Caulk around the edge of the floor and possibly re-caulk the tub area.
+ Add lace curtains. We have currently been tacking a sheet over the window but I took that down for your viewing pleasure. It's pink plaid. You're welcome.
+ Add a shelf with small plants and pretty storage above the hook rack.
+ Find an oval shaped mirror: this is my inspiration but I need something a little more practical.
+ Add/create some wall art.
+ Organize the vanity drawers and closet shelves, and I do mean organize pretty. My drawer dividers are currently shoe boxes.
+ Find an unconventional towel rack (something like this could work!).
+ Add a few things to the hook rack, I'm thinking a mini hanging planter.

It's reassuring to see all of our progress listed out and realize how far we have come. As first time homeowners this has been a true learning experience but we've loved every minute of it. Oh, and the fresh flowers aren't always there, but it was a nice touch after a full day of cleaning. I like adding fresh flowers and lighting candles in rooms that have received a full cleaning, it makes things feel so fresh and I love the ambiance.

What home projects do you currently have going on?


  1. this looks fantastic, i love the dresser! nice job!

  2. Wow!!! I love what you ended up doing with your bathroom. The colors are great !

  3. yes my favourite colour! Looks lovely