Nov 20, 2013

The Awkward Life

My life is often very awkward.  Hopefully I'm not the only one but it seems like awkward moments always find their way into my life.  It makes things interesting, that's for sure.  So let's recap my last few weeks.

First, let's start with the elevators in my office building.  Recently these elevators have decided they will only accept three floors to be pushed at a time.  Any more is just too much to handle.  But see, they haven't always been this way (or that's how I remember it).  So we pile on the elevator in the morning and the first person pushes their floor, then the second, and third.  Then I push it.  Bam.  All the lights go off.  And suddenly I'm the annoying girl that got everyone's morning off to a bad start.  (this has happened more than once).

The next exciting work event happened when I wore my tallest heels to work for the first time in about two months.  Just so happened to be the day of a fire drill too.  So I walked down the stairs from the seventh floor in a crowd of people while wearing four inch heels and feeling a little dizzy by the time I reached the second floor.  But the fire drill does not stop there.  When it's over, the entire building of working adults swarms the lobby and the elevators.  Of course we can only go a few at a time and when it's my turn, I head to the back of the elevator.  Then this very large man about 2.5 times my size enters in after me and for whatever reason doesn't notice that he literally squishes me up against the back wall, it was waaaay to personal but there was nothing I could really do.  I just gave my friend a look of panic and we laughed about it later.  But geez.

On the weekend I traveled to a college campus to take graduation pictures for a friend.  She's an agriculture major and got permission for us to use the ag department's farm.  I was thrilled.  We find a field to take pictures in and by the time we get over there, someone has let sheep into that area.  My friend says they won't mind and we go in any way.  I'm snapping away for about five minutes, getting the sheep in the background and then we decide to spread out her quilt on the grass for some ground pictures.  I'm searching for a good patch of grass when suddenly I look up and notice the sheep migrating towards us at the same time my friend says, "THE SHEEP ARE COMING!"  There were probably fifty of them all together and I had picked everything up and started speeding walking for the gate before I could even think about what was happening.  Don't ask me why these sheep were scary, I think it was because there were so many and I had never been around one outside of a petting zoo pen.  While laughing hysterically my friend and I take of sprinting for the gate.  This get's the herd's attention and they start running at us too!  They pin us in the corner of the field at the gate and keep inching closer and closer.  We were afraid to open the gate and accidentally let one of them out when we noticed there was one standing outside the fence.  How that happened, we don't know.  We could not stop laughing yet I was totally panicking (do sheep bite??? I don't know.)  I looked at my friend and said "ok, we have to open this gate or I'm climbing it!"  So we squeezed out and as my friend started walking towards the one that had gotten out, he just bent over and wiggled back under the fence!  The laughing continued throughout the day every time we thought about it and I think about twenty minutes later my heart rate calmed down.  I still giggle every time I look at the picture.

The following weekend, the husband and I worked on some house projects.  I was painting trim upstairs and a door downstairs in the basement, so I was going back and forth between coats.  I head back upstairs with a wet brush and roller in one hand and a can of white paint over 3/4 full in the other hand.  Naturally I am a very talented person.  So talented that I can manage to completely miss stepping on the bottom (and also therefore the first) step, catch myself with my right shoulder which still managed to jab the brush in my right hand into the stairs all while spilling a good amount of white paint all over the carpet on the bottom stair, the laminate tiles at the bottom of the stairs (which have tiny decorative cracks running all the way through), and the wall and baseboard across from the bottom step.  It was magical.  Thankfully we already have plans to paint the walls down here white (which I now have a head start on) and we're going to put down all new flooring as well.  It just wasn't in our next set of plans.  But now it is.

So that's my life lately in a nutshell.  Also, my computer crashed last week.  I had nothing backed up (of course, who does that? definitely not my procrastinating self).  It was unfixable.  So now I have a new computer and thankfully Office Depot restored all my data (after I was there everyday for three days in a row---yay).  This is partially why I haven't been posting lately.  But things are coming back to normal.  Kinda.  Nothing is really normal around here for the holiday season.

If you have any awkward moments to share I would seriously LOVE to hear them, so leave them in the comments!


  1. Oh my goodness, you totally cracked me up! I'm glad I'm not the only one out there who does awkward things (or have them happen TO you!).

  2. So excited to "meet" you through Kate! Your space here is darling. And that sheep story is hilarious! I would definitely be scared too to have that many chasing after me, haha.