Jan 20, 2014

2 / 52 Him & Her

"a portrait series of him & her, once a week, every week in 2014"

Confession: photography projects are no easy task.  I'd like to make the excuse that life gets in the way, but this project is supposed to help me capture more of life.  So that excuse seems unjustified.  But, as long as I'm crossing things of my perpetual to do list, I'm content.  So I'm officially one week behind on the 52 project but have officially made some serious headway in house projects this week.  The hubs and I both are pretty sick of painting, but the sight of progress is encouraging, so we keep on keepin' on.  We're about halfway done painting the old wall paneling in our basement.  It's so much brighter.  The laundry pile however....nevermind, let's not talk about that one.