Jan 21, 2014

Project Nesting: Choosing a Rug for the Master Bedroom

Ironically, my original plans for project nesting were to work on the house room by room.  That has not happened.  We tend to work a little here, then a little there, then some here, and then some in a completely unworked area.  It does leave me feeling like we're super far from finishing anything, but we've found that it works for us.  Our life never really seems consistent so we choose which parts we are working on based on the size of our available time frame, and how much extra money we have to spend on certain projects that much.  Paint is often a good option for when we have too much month at the end of our money.  This month we actually decided to spend a little extra on paint and a rug for the master bedroom.  Wowza.

These were my three choices after a narrowed down a very long wishlist.  These were the picks after basing my decisions on size and price point, the original wishlist was solely based on how well I liked the design.  I was trying to stick with neutrals colors so the rug can easily be switched to a different room in this house or a new one.  Not to mention that I'm in a black and white phase right now, so that works out nicely.  Also, apparently a chevron phase.

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