Jan 7, 2014

See Kate Sew Contributor

 I recently became a contributing author for see kate sew, a sewing and DIY blog (check out Kate's amazing pattern shop here).  I'll be posting one fashion DIY project each month, and so far I've really been expressing my love for the color black.  Maybe some color for next month.  Or maybe not.

Today you can find my DIY faux leather arrow tee with a free printable template.  This has quickly become one of my favorite wardrobe pieces, it's great for layering.  Also, if you missed last month's tutorial, it was a DIY pom pom necklace

sweater: kohl's
blouse: tutorial here
jeans: Seven7 (similar)
boots: Relativity (similar)


  1. I love your adorable arrow shirt! One question-it's the big one- how does this wash? Thanks!

    1. Thank you! I would recommend hand washing, mine started peeling off after the third machine wash (delicate wash and inside out) so I would recommend hand washing if you can!