Jan 27, 2014

Snow Day

We decided to go take a couple family photos over at the park, it was freezing but I'm glad we did it.  Sometimes it's the littlest memories that you will hold closest to your heart!

Can I just say, that one day, I will have children and they will be incredibly blessed because my husband loves to play in the snow and my dog loves it ten times more than that!  Bear has been loving all the snow days we've been having.  We let him into the back yard and he goes crazy, running around, laying down, and burying his face in the snow.  I love watching him get so excited, it makes me happy!  Oh, and the pup loves snow balls.  I mean really, he already loves to play will balls and combine that with the frozen white stuff and he's ecstatic!  I made a heart shaped snow ball and he couldn't wait to take it from me!  He throws it up in the air with his mouth.  Really I'm doing you a poor service by not having a video to show you. 

Jacket: Gordman's // similar
Scarf: Target // similar
Boots: similar or kinda similar
Headwrap: made by Mackenzie


  1. LOVE these photographs! You and your family are just the cutest.