Feb 22, 2014

Black, White, and a Little Pink


The weather has been absolutely crazy here.  It has both snowed and thunder-stormed in February.  Every once in a while we have a pretty warm day and it leaves me craving more.  I usually never really enjoy spring, I'm always wishing it away to summer, but this year I'm actually really excited about it.  I'm ready for green everywhere.  The days are starting to get a little bit longer.  The sunshine is a little warmer.  And that definitely means lifted spirits.  I don't hate winter, but it's been very depressing and gloomy this year.  The snow finally melted off our yard this week, thanks to a day with a high of seventy degrees.  But it's also rained so we have bit of a muddy mess.  Oh and the wind.  It has been so crazy, I think I'm just going to stop fixing my hair each day, it just ends up a tangled mess.  Well, I supposed that's enough rambling about the weather, time to enjoy the weekend.

blouse: Forever 21
skirt: Forever 21 (old) // similar or similar
boots: similar or kinda similar
belt: J Crew (old) // similar
necklace: ILY couture

1 comment:

  1. adorable outfit and setting! I too am ready and giddy for spring.