Feb 5, 2014

DIY Couple Kissing Heart Ring

diy heart ring

Valentine's Day is approaching quick and you might be searching for a few quick crafts for yourself or for someone special. As for me, I look for any reason to add more hearts to my February. It's the month to wear cute, cheesy hearts and easily get away with it.

Supplies: 1.5" wooden heart, couple kissing charm (this is an option),  adjustable ring base (can be found at craft stores), jewelry pliers, E-6000 glue (or superglue is an option!), craft paint, and a small paint brush.

Step 1: Paint the wooden heart.  Start with the edge of the heart first to avoid getting paint all over your fingers.  Apply at least two coats of paint, or more if needed to completely cover the wood.  Allow about five minutes of dry time.

Step 2: Meanwhile, remove the charm hook.  To do this, use the jewelry pliers to grasp near the bottom of the hook and move the charm back and forth, bending it until it becomes weak and breaks off.  This worked best for me to break off the main part of the hook and then the bottom most part of the hook connecting the heads.

Step 3: When the paint has dried, attach the charm to the heart.  Apply the E-6000 (or superglue) to the back of the charm being careful to not get it on the edges.  If needed, use a toothpick to spread some glue to the smallest parts of the charm.  Apply pressure to the charm to adhere it to the wooden heart and wipe away any excess glue that seeps out from the edges.  Allow about a minute of dry time.

Step 4:  Flip the heart face down.  Apply the E-6000 to the surface of the ring base.  Place it in the center of the heart, horizontally as shown.  Apply some pressure and allow a few minutes for the glue to dry before moving it.

Once all the glue has dried, this adorable little ring is ready to wear, or to gift!  This ring would be cute in so many colors, and even using different charms.  There are so many options.

diy heart ring
diy heart ring
diy heart ring


  1. Oy that's cute. And so is this lil blog, happy I found it!

  2. How cute! What a fun little DIY project for the month of love ;)
    xo TJ