Mar 22, 2014


I'm crazy excited to introduce a new blog series on Monday.  Actually it's really only the second "series" I've ever written and the project nesting series is still in it's early phases, because, well, our home projects are still in their early phases.  So many times I think about this blog and what I want to be, which is great, but sometimes it just leaves me feeling like a failure.  To be completely honest there are days when I don't want to blog anymore because I can't blog about the things I want to simply because they aren't happening in my life right now.  I'd like to blog about how I'm opening a store and getting my first book deal, but that's not happening right now and I'm slowly learning to be okay with it.  A few months ago I read another blog post (so many months that I don't remember the source) and it said to blog about the things happening in your life right now, no matter what they are.  It has taken this long for that to make sense to me.  So right now, I'm working an office job, every day, and it's really not that exciting, but I like getting dressed every day so that's definitely something I can write about.  So even though I would rather my everyday closet look more like this, this, or's more suited for a corporate office job.  So there's going to be a little more of that.  If it's okay with you, it's okay with me.


  1. you look absolutely adorable!

    & i can say that i think so many bloggers feel the same way. even if all the things you want to write about aren't happening, you can still blog about the journey or things will make you feel like you're almost getting there! it's so true though, posting no matter what is happening is such a lovely thing. it's so easy to relate to fellow bloggers who live regular lives and work all day but blog to be creative & fun! your blog is lovely and i hope you keep at it!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Jules! It's nice to know that I'm not alone in this struggle. I think finding a happy medium between what is really happening and what I want to work towards will hopefully bring me some sense of purpose. I agree, I love it when I discover a new blog I love and I discover they also work a full time job, it makes me feel a little less crazy for trying to tackle so many things in a day!