Apr 23, 2014

DIY cereal box notebook

This is a simple DIY project that can be done within an hour, making it a great afternoon project.  I love the idea of being able to recycle packaging in craft projects (without getting too cheesy).  Not to mention, I'm always using notebooks for jotting down lists, brainstorming, and sketches.  I can never have too many notebooks, so it's nice to come up with a few inexpensive ways to create some extras.

Supplies Needed: 10 pieces of printer paper, a cereal box, baker's twine (or embroidery thread could be used), scissors, ruler, pen, acrylic craft paint, sponge brush, hole punch, saftey pin (optional), a 4X4" photo, and washi tape.

Step 1: Cut the largest part of the cereal box to 7.5" X 11" and cut the ten pieces of paper to 7" X 10.5".  Use the ruler and pen to mark your measurements.

Step 2: The plain cardboard side of the cereal box will be the outside of the journal.  Paint the label side of the cereal box with acrylic paint.  I chose black paint to get a good covering.  You may need to apply multiple coats. 

Step 3: After the paint has dried, fold the cereal box in half (hamburger style) and then do the same for the paper.  After folding the paper, trim down the edges to be all the same width because folding will cause some differences.  Using the saftey pin and the ruler, mark three evenly spaced holes along the fold of the paper.  Line up the folded edge with only half of the hole punch so that the center of the hole is the fold so that when the book is opened flat, there is only on hole and not two.  Use the ruler to space the holes evenly and then use the paper to line up the hole marks on the cereal box.

Step 4: Place the paper inside the cereal box and open the book flat.  Start the twine in the top hole, threading from the inside to the outside.  Work your way down the book and back up, alternating going in and out of each hole.  Do this twice.  When the twine comes back through the middle hole the second time you thread up the book, take it to the end at the top hole and tie a tight double knot.

Step 5: Using the washi tape, adhere the photo to the front of the cover and add some handwritten text.

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