Aug 12, 2014

15 goals before 2015

As we're now well into the second half of twenty-fourteen, I decided it's time to set some goals and make a list of things I want to accomplish before we ring in twenty fifteen. My word for 2014 has been inspire, and that is something that I constantly want to strive for. However, sometimes you just need those good, solid goals written out before you as a reminder to yourself of the direction you should be moving in.  My goals aren't anything life changing, just little things I want to make happen before another year has passed by.

1. Get family photos taken of Ryan, me, and Bear.

2. Try some new recipes.

3. Go see a drive-in movie one last time before it closes for the year.

4. Take more photos of everyday life.

5. Continue exercising at least three days a week. (Currently at 5 but I know it won't last as the holidays approach).

6. Make another drastic hair change. (color, cut, who knows!?)

7. Have meet ups with friends just to talk about creative things.

8. Host a get-together.

9. Make more things.

10. Get back into drawing.

11. Hang wedding photos in our house (3 years is long enough!)

12. Create and order a photo album from the last year or so.

13.  Actually finish a book from my reading list.

14. Finish replacing all of the interior doors in our house.

15. Build a headboard for our bedroom (ok, this is really for Ryan).

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