Aug 2, 2014

my august wishlist

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Obviously you can see a trend here.  So many things on my radar this month seem to be gold, black, scalloped, or floral.  All of which are my favorites right now.  I'm really eyeballing the studded heels, they're pretty perfect.  And I'm thinking scalloped black shorts would transition into fall nicely with a long sleeved blouse or a blazer.  And as I'm trying to organize my office/studio/closet room in our house, I'm thinking some gold office supplies are going to be a must.


  1. If I listed everything I love I'd copy your post, but I'l'l try to pick the top: that bag (super cute), the shorts (because they're absolutely adorable), and the necklace.

    If you do end up getting pants like that I'd love to see a style post on them. I do not get that style at all. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Andrea! Challenge accepted! :)