Sep 22, 2014

10 Reasons to Start a Blog Today

Maybe you've considered starting a blog before, and maybe you haven't.  It seems like the number of blogs is growing every day.  There are so many reasons to start a blog, so many categories to write about, and so many ways to completely make it your own.  The possibilities are endless.  All you have to do to start is figure out what you want to share.  Share your voice, whether it's through images or words.  Every single person has a completely unique story and the blog world has provided a way to share it with so many people.

To jump in and start a blog could seem intimidating, it seems like there is so much to learn.  I'm still learning.  The truth is, everyone starts somewhere and everyone starts with less experience than their future self.  "Do not compare your beginning to someone else's middle" - Jon Acuff.  The truth is, today will always be the best day to start.  You will always be more ready today than you were yesterday and when tomorrow comes, you will wish you had started today.  If you've been on the fence about starting a blog, or even if you have a blog and you've been struggling with the why, I encourage you to just dive in.  I hope this list of reasons to start a blog encourages you to do just that.

To find your voice.
Each of us has been given a unique voice.  A unique set of experiences, emotions, and personality.  There is truly no one just like you.  Your voice matters and I know you have something to share.  What are you passionate about?  What are you interested in?  What do you care about?  Share that.  And if you don't know yet, just writing and sharing can help you find that voice and find your passion.

to challenge yourself.
Blogging challenges you and pushes you.  It pushes you to create a finished product and to share it.  Sometimes it can be so hard to hit the "publish" button, and I think those are the best moments.  If it challenges you to think, it will challenge someone else, too.  Creating a finished blog post means you challenge yourself to write, to think, to research, to photograph, to make something, to curate, to learn, and to think outside of the box.  And meeting those challenges will in turn, cause you to grow.

what you learn along the way helps you with the next thing.
It's no secret that blogging has become a very realistic career for some people.  But it's not that way for everyone, and many are glad about that.  Blogging does not have to be the end-all answer.  Everything you learn from writing a blog, whether it's about writing, about networking, or specifically about your industry, it will help you gain knowledge.  Continuing to learn is never a bad thing, and it might be the one thing that helps you with the next thing.  Maybe you're meant to be a book writer, but maybe blogging develops your writing skills and also gets you noticed among publishers.  Or maybe your food blog brings you together with other people that love to cook and maybe it encourages you to start teaching local or online cooking classes to help people that feel lost in the kitchen.  Right now, you probably don't know what the next next thing is, so maybe blogging just moves you in a direction.  You'll get there.

connect with like-minded people.
This one might be self-explanatory.  You blog about what you like.  Other people who like what you like will read your blog.  It's really that simple.  Sometimes it may take some networking and putting yourself out there, but it can be so worth it.  We've been given the opportunity to connect with more than just the people we see face to face everyday.

create a portfolio.
A blog is an ongoing portfolio.  You can use this to share yourself beyond selfies and 140 characters.  Or beyond the front page of a resume.  The blogging world is highly saturated with creative types, but that's not all it is.  If you take the time to research, I think you could find a blogging covering every type of industry.  Writing about what you know, what you believe, and what you research can give you an edge of knowledge in your field, no matter what it is.  It could even allow you to create something outside of your industry.  If you're an insurance salesperson by day and blogging about natural and organic parenting by night, it could give you more of an edge if your dream job comes along.

drive traffic to your website.
This is probably most effective for online retail companies and designers.  A blog is constantly being updated and there are tons of pages because each post is a different page.  I won't go into the geeky details of SEO and site rankings, but let's just say having a blog to go along with your website will keep your site updated and noticed by search engines.  Not to mention, driving organic traffic from your readers.  It can keep readers engaged, informed, and create a community.  Brands have become three-dimensional and having a blog for your business helps to add layers.

to inspire or help others.
This goes along with sharing your own voice and your story.  If you are writing about things that inspire people, encourage them, and give them whatever kind of help they need, you are making a difference.  Sharing your faith through a blog could change someone's life forever.  Posting easy recipes could help a newlywed bride that's feeling a little lost.  Sharing beauty product reviews could help a mom that's short on time and overwhelmed by all the products out there.  She just needs a friend who is an expert in that field to guide her.  You can help and inspire on so many levels and in so many ways.  Nothing is too small or insignificant to matter to someone else.

You can always teach someone something.
You will always be able to teach someone.  You will always have more knowledge about a particular subject than someone else, and therefore you have something of value to share.  You may not know everything there is to know about gaining exposure for your small business on social media, but you know more than someone...and you can help that someone.  You may not be an expert professional photographer, but someone just bought their first DSLR and has no idea where to start.  You will always have knowledge to share and you will always have a unique expression of it.

to document your life.
Blogging actually has no requirements.  You do not have to create editorial calendars, post links to social media, or optimize your SEO.  You do not even need to have followers to have a blog.  You can just document your life, like a personal journal.  It can be public or it can be private.  It's yours to create, so write about anything you like.

it's fun.
One of the best reasons I can think of to start a blog today, is just that it's simply fun.  You are able to create content.  To write something, to photograph something.  You visualize what you want to say or to show, and then you create it and share it.  You get to see it come to life.  It's actually one of my most favorite creative processes, and I can use it to share all my other creative endeavors.  We are made in the image of a Creator, it is our nature to create things.

Are you going to start (or re-start) today?


  1. Totally agreed! All great reasons to blog. Even if no one else read my blog, I post for ME, because I enjoy the creative process. Hooray for blogging!

  2. Yeah, it can do so much to help you find yourself and to grow. It's a blessing to be able to write a blog!