Sep 15, 2014

6 Must Read Posts About Marriage

{10 things} that have made all the difference - written by EM AND TIM OF TODAY'S LETTERS

There is no ultimate guide to marriage.  Each marriage is made up of two unique people joined together for a completely one of a kind relationship.  But that doesn't mean we can't find other couples to help encourage us, and to encourage each other.  Em and Tim  have an amazing list of things they have done in their first five years of marriage that has kept them going strong.  Reading this list was incredibly inspiring because there were a few things I could say "yep, we do that and it works," and then there were a few new ideas that really intrigued me.  I absolutely love the idea of the traveling journal.  I know I would really enjoy the writing element, but Husband would definitely love the hide and seek factor.  I think it's good to keep things fresh in your marriage.  My favorite tradition in our marriage has been spending our anniversary night every year writing down a list of highlights from the past year and goals for the next year.  We have one specific notebook dedicated to this yearly tradition and it's been so much fun to look back on the previous year's lists to walk down memory lane and the goals we actually did accomplish.

To Wives: Before You Were Mommy - written by BECKY THOMPSON OF SCISSORTAIL SILK

This post as shown up in my Facebook feed countless time.  It obviously filled a need.  A need for what mamas need to say and a need for what mamas-to-be need to expect.  Husband and I don't have any babies of our own yet, but this post gave me insight to what our future holds.  I already knew we were meant to be enjoying this time together, pre-offspring, but it really resonated with me that I need to be fulling appreciating my husband now.  And I hope that it has prepared me for the day when we do have extra little hands and feet needing us every day, and that we will be able to still carve out time and attention for each other from the beginning.  I absolutely love some of Becky's closing words, "Hold tightly to one another, and even more tightly to the Lord. There is no greater adventure for you to experience and no greater gift than to walk through parenthood with your best friend."

20 Things I Want To Tell Engaged And Newlywed Women {Really All Married Women} - written by JOY FORNEY OF GRACE FULL MAMA

No matter whether you are a single woman, engaged, newly married, a young wife, or a wife of many years, you should read this list.  This list is full of positive, encouraging advice for being a wife, although this list could apply to husbands as well.  Forgive each other, neither of you will be perfect.  Recognize what real love looks like, not the climactic moments in romance movies and novels, but the fleeting moments you share in every day life with your spouse.  Live out a Christ-centered marriage and have peace that there is always hope.

Your spouse is your soul mate no matter what - written by Kenzie of Hello Neverland

Society has convinced us that change is a valid reason for divorce.  In reality, we're all constantly changing and it's unreasonable to hold our spouses to the expectation that they can never change or grow.  For better or worse is unconditionally, not for when we feel like it, or just when it makes us happy.  As Kenzie says, "Love is a choice. It's action. It’s repeated self-sacrifice, every single day, over and over."  We aren't suppose to wake up one day and decide we've changed our minds.

Great Expectations: Giving Him a Chance to Meet Mine - written by contributor lisa jacobson FOR the time-warp wife

When Husband and I first married, I was super excited to do my wifely duties like cooking supper, doing his laundry,  and keeping a cute little house.  That didn't last long.  He wasn't nearly as excited about me folding all his laundry as I was.  It was something that needed to be done, not some grand show of affection.  He just wanted me to be done folding laundry so we could snuggle on the couch.  I wish I had read this post before we married.  It was eye opening to me that I was holding him to expectations of praise that he didn't even know existed.  Now, I let him know.  Like the day I was off work and posted to Instagram a photo of our bed covered in folded laundry and I quote "just call me super wife."


I firmly believe that every marriage needs strengthening.  Two imperfect humans joining together in a life long commitment does not equal a perfect marriage.  There will always be obstacles to face.  It's better to be continually strengthening your marriage and never allow it to grow weak than to try and strengthen it in the midst of a struggle of weakness.  I love the actions Marquis suggests in this post.  Laughing uncontrollably and forgiving one another are actually things Husband and I handle pretty well, but listening to each other and killing technology are definitely things we (mostly, I) could stand to work harder at.  Marriage is a constant work in progress, not just a one time commitment at the altar.

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