Sep 29, 2014

my capsule wardrobe // fall 2014

This fall I decided to take the challenge to create a capsule wardrobe.  I'm trying to learn more about my personal style, to make better purchase decisions, and to be happier with my closet.  I want to spend less money on pieces I don't love or wear and spend less time stressing over what to wear and all of the reasons my pieces don't work.

53 items
I pared my wardrobe down to 53 items.  This number bothered me at first because it seemed considerably more than the 37 piece capsule chose by Caroline from un-fancy (she's my role model through this challenge).  However, I came to realize that my lifestyle is different from her lifestyle (I work in a corporate office and she works from home) and ultimately the point of this challenge is to make it your own and make it work for you.  So I settled with the 53 pieces.  I included outerwear for fall, but I know I may have to add a winter coat in December.  I included both work wear and casual wear in the same capsule because many of my pieces can be worn for both.  I think the hardest part was limiting the number of shoes to include.

Things I've Learned
A few things I learned about my closet during this process are 1// I own way more Forever 21 items than I realized, and that doesn't leave me feeling great.  2// I do not own enough mixable pieces. Many of the items in my closet can really only be worn one way or possibly switched out between jeans and dress pants.  3// I own several pieces of work wear that I only wear because they fit that criteria, but in reality they aren't a reflection of my personality and don't love them.

 The Capsule Wardrobe Reveal
If you are interested in shopping any of the items from my closet, I have included links at the end of each set for some of the items.  Links to the exact item are marked with an asterisk (*) and all other links are to similar items because many of my chosen pieces are no longer available.  Please know that some of these links are affiliate links and I may earn a small commission off anything you purchase but this in no way affects your purchase.  If it's okay with you, it's okay with me.

blouses //
chambray button up* | polka dot tee | silky white blouse | black + white stripe tee | peter pan collar blouse | chartreuse blouse | studded shoulder blouse | glasses print button up | black bow blouse | blue gingham button up | black v-neck tee | cypress utility blouse | berry red blouse | off white tee | stripey blouse

cardigans //
black sequin cardigan | leopard print cardigan | long black cardigan | mustard cardigan

white tank with bows* | black lace vest | mustard sweater vest | lace crop top

sequin shoulder patch sweater | cypress sweater | long sleeve love sweater | taupe sweater | wifey sweatshirt* | oatmeal sweater | ruched sleeve sweater | white lacey sweatshirt

denim moto jacket | black leather jacket | military jacket | black blazer*

PANTS //  
dark skinny jeans | berry dress pants | black dress pants | charcoal gray flared dress pants | mustard jeans | black jeans

black + turquoise stripe skirt | off white lacey skirt | kelly green dress

SHOES //  
nude/taupe booties | brown booties | canvas lace up boots | leopard flats | tall brown riding boots | black ankle booties | black pumps | gray wedges | black suede heels

During the process of narrowing down my capsule wardrobe items, I tried things on over and over again trying to make sure the includable pieces could be worn with multiple other pieces.  This is good because now I already have some outfit ideas in my head.  The capsule wardrobe begins October 1 and will finish on December 31.  To be honest, I'm going to consider it a huge success if I make it through the end of November with this capsule wardrobe.  I'm going to try and make it to December 31, but I think it's important to understand that it's not a failure if you don't make it through to the end.  It's all about the learning process and every little thing helps you along the way.

Are you creating a capsule wardrobe this fall?  Would you consider it in the future?

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  1. Hooray!! My fall wardrobe starts today too. Here are my pieces: I agree that the number isn't what's important, it's the concept, so don't feel bad about 50ish items. We're all just trying to simplify and you're doing it! Excited to see your outfits!