Sep 19, 2014

the Capsule Wardrobe

  I stand in front of my closet, hands on hips and frown on face.  I let out a huge sigh as I try and come up with an outfit.  "Don't wanna wear that, or that, can't fit in that, don't know why I bought that," are the thoughts running through my head.  I check the time, 10 minutes, I have 10 minutes to choose an outfit for work.  I slump my shoulders in defeat and walk away.  I tried thinking about what to wear last night, and while I was in the shower that morning.  But I suppose I just wasn't in the mood, I didn't like anything.  I finish some quick tasks like spritzing some hairspray, brushing my teeth, and dropping a cereal bar in my bag.  Walk back to the closet.  Stand in front of it, hands on hips, frown on face.  Check the time. 5 minutes.  Let out a big sigh.  I try narrowing it down, like I have to wear these pants and these shoes, so now I just need to find a top that goes with it.  My eyes keep scanning the rack of blouses but my hands aren't grabbing anything.  Check the time.  2 minutes.  And now I'm frantic, I just make an impulse decision.  I check it in the mirror, gripe about how I don't like it, and then I'm out of time so I head out the door.

I have been majorly struggling with my closet.  It has consumed too much of my time and energy.  Multiple morning breakdowns and the stress of having "nothing to wear" have left me feeling lost.  I have wasted too much money purchasing things I didn't absolutely love because they were on sale, or a good deal.  And if we're being honest, most items that are cheap or inexpensive are probably not fair trade, and that definitely isn't something to be supporting just so you can have more "stuff."   I'm exhausted of the battle with clothes, and with stuff.  I long for a simpler way of living.  As a whole, society has become enamored with having stuff.  We fill our own closets, pantries, and homes with excess while neglecting the needs of other people.  I have decided there needs to be a change in my life, and for me, that change needs to begin in my closet.  My closet, which consumes way too much of my time, my thoughts, and my money.  That is not to say I no longer enjoy clothing, style, and fashion, but I believe we need to be careful not to make our interests our idols.

A few days ago I came across the Unfancy blog and the idea of a capsule wardobe.  A capsule wardrobe is a collection of 37 (+/-) pieces carefully selected from your current closet, storage, or a handful of new items you purchased with purpose.  This is not a scenario where you go out and purchase 37 new items and create a mixable wardrobe.  This is about learning to work with what you already have.  The capsule wardrobe is about having fewer choices but more quality.  There is a paradox of choice, in that we believe having more choices gives us greater satisfaction, but the truth is it often leaves us feeling overwhelmed, confused, uncreative, and doubtful.  Creating a capsule wardrobe means shopping for clothing and not shopping for happiness.  It represents spending less time standing in front of you closet deciding what to wear, and less time + money spent shopping, so you can spend more time on the important things like chasing dreams and helping others.

I have decided to take the capsule wardrobe challenge for this fall.  It begins October 1 and will last through December 31.  That's 92 days of wearing a limited number of pieces.  It's time to really get creative.  To find out what my style truly is so I can stop purchasing things that don't fit in with my aesthetic.  My goal is to find a true definition of my own personal style, to curate pieces that emphasize quality, and to feel less stressed about my mess of a closet.  I will be following Caroline's steps for creating a capsule wardrobe. Some locals girls and I have created a capsule wardrobe Facebook group to hold each other accountable, encourage each other, and create a community.  I plan to feature a small series of posts about the capsule wardrobe but will not be posting each outfit everyday.  You can follow me on instagram for a closer follow of the challenge, and check back here about once a month for updates.  If you plan on creating a capsule wardrobe, whether it is for fall, or just in general, please leave a link in the comments!  I would love to check it out.


  1. I'm doing this!! I'm almost finished curating my pieces and will post about it soon on Excited to follow your journey as well!

  2. Awesome! I can't wait to see what you've chosen! I'm still currently working on mine. I hope to have the pieces posted by the end of this week although narrowing it down is proving difficult!