Oct 8, 2014

25 Prompts to Spark Creativity

Putting pressure on yourself to be creative can make it impossible to produce anything.  You pressure yourself to make something good, to make something valuable, or to make something better than your last thing.  The pressure hinders your creativity.  To encourage creativity, we actually need to create constraints.  To think outside of the box, we must first start with a box to think outside of.  If you've been giving into the pressure to create, or you're just too overwhelmed to know where to start, I have created a small list of 25 prompts to spark your creativity.  Each prompt creates a box, a set of constraints.  To paint something, you must use paint, not pens or pencils.  To add a plant to your workspace, you must determine what type of plant, what type of container, and it's placement, but it must be a plant and it must be a new addition.  To photograph a series, you must create a theme and use a camera as your tool of execution.  I am giving you a box, now the creativity part is up to you.

25 Prompts to Spark Creativity
  1. Create a mind map to organize your thoughts
  2. Read a book that teaches you how to do something
  3. Draw something
  4. Paint something
  5. Listen to an inspirational playlist
  6. Write a short story about something you’d like to experience
  7. Add a plant to your workspace
  8. Dress like a creative
  9. Try a new restaurant
  10. Photograph a series of prompts or a common theme
  11. Create a color palette
  12. Have a coffee (or fro-yo) date with a like-minded friend
  13. Purge your closet
  14. Light a candle
  15. Turn up the music and dance
  16. Take a walk in your neighborhood or downtown
  17. Read a favorite blog
  18. Respond to someone else’s thought-provoking blog post
  19. Write a one page autobiography
  20. Write a one page autobiography as if it's five years from today
  21. Venture to the nearest small tow
  22. Venture to a nearby large city
  23. Listen to a TED talk
  24. Collect inspirational quotes (ex: create a Pinterest board)
  25. Write down your goals, weekly, monthly, or a life list
Just get started.  Start doing something, today.  Right now.  Go.

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