Oct 31, 2014

Fall Capsule Wardrobe // October 2014 Report

 The first month of my fall capsule wardrobe has come to an end.  That means I'm a third of the way to my goal.  It hasn't been quite as difficult as I had feared, but I won't say it's been a piece of cake.  However, I can definitely say I've learned things from this process, which is really the point.  My goal has been to learn more about my personal style, to make better purchase decisions, and to be happier with my closet.  I want to spend less money on pieces I don't love or wear and spend less time stressing over what to wear and all of the reasons my pieces don't work.  I'm getting there.

The items I chose for my fall capsule wardrobe can be found here.

The Summary
I brainstormed a couple of outfits as I was paring down my closet to the capsule wardrobe pieces, and I already wear many of these combinations on a consistent basis. So far, it hasn't been hard to come up with outfit combinations, even with the array of colors I chose to include in the capsule.  There are even a few of my *favorite* pieces that I haven't worn yet because I've been holding them off.  For some reason I came up with the idea that keeping some favorite pieces back for November would help me stay encouraged to keep going.  Then there are the other favorites, like my nude ankle booties that I have worn over and over again.  This photo summary of my October outfits is meant to be a reference for logging my past choices, brainstorming new combinations, and also as proof that you can actually do this.  Some of the pieces have only been worn once, so you won't see all remix repeats, but I hope this gives you a spark of inspiration to try a capsule wardrobe, at least once.

Top 5 Most Worn Pieces
dark skinny jeans, nude ankle booties, leopard flats, gray wedges, black dress pants

Top 5 Most Worn Tops
lace crop top, off white tee, black v-neck tee, taupe sweater, blue gingham button up

Unworn Pieces as of 10/31
leopard print cardigan, mustard cardigan, mustard sweater vest, charcoal dress pants, black heels, black suede booties, lace skirt, cypress sweater, wifey sweatshirt, oatmeal sweater, black ruched sleeve sweater, white lacey sweatshirt, silky white blouse, chartreuse blouse, studded shoulder blouse, glasses print button up, stripey blouse, black leather jacket, black blazer

What I've Learned
So far, I've learned a few things about what I like and what I don't.  There are a few pieces I included, haven't worn, and haven't really wanted to.  Those were the pieces I included just because they easily went with something else.  Now, I'm going to try to wear each pieces in the capsule at least once, but some pieces might be leaving my closet once this capsule is over.  There are also pieces not included in the capsule that I was hanging on to just in case.  It's now a lot easier for me to look at them and realize I don't have much interest in keeping them.  I think this will make it easier to continue purging my closet and picking out pieces that truly represent my personality.  Having a wardrobe full of only pieces you love means less stress getting dressed.

I've also been working hard to get fit.  The charcoal dress pants included in the capsule were just slightly big at the time I was narrowing down my choices.  At this time, they are just way to loose to wear and there are no belt loops to make any adjustments.  I'll admit, it's a problem that I'm happy to have, but this means I'll be removing the pants from the capsule (unless they need to make an appearance after all the Thanksgiving dinners we attend, ha!).

I also already began picking out a few new items to add into my winter capsule from January thru March (yes, I'm planning to do this again!).  Some of the items I won't be seeing until Christmas and just in time for the next capsule, which is probably good because it would be extremely hard to buy new things only to hang them in the closet for two more months.  There lots of black, and I'm also thinking there should be a lot more pink.

If you've been trying a capsule wardrobe, I'd love to know your thoughts!

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  1. Every outfit you put together is adorable!! I love all of your accessories, pops of color and patterns. You are adorably fashionable. I'm hoping to give the whole capsule wardrobe a try after the holidays. Congrats on reaching milestones with your getting fit journey. So glad I found your blog through monthly goal link up. I'm looking forward to following your blog :) Whitney @ http://polka-dottyplace.blogspot.com/