Oct 15, 2014

the Ladyette on social media

I never expected this blog to be actively present on so many social media platforms.  It didn't seem possible, and to be honest, I thought it was irrelevant.  Isn't one enough?  Won't it get repetitive?  I really don't want to overwhelm people or be in their face constantly.

Overtime, my opinions of social media have changed.  My eyes have been opened to the different features of each platform and how each one caters to a specific type of connection.  Each of us have unique personalities and we prefer to connect in different ways, so it makes sense that we favor different social media platforms.

As a blogger who's goal is to reach people, connect with them, and be an encourager, I feel that it's my responsibility to be present on multiple platforms.  I want to connect with many different people, so I need to offer many different ways of connecting.  I used to think this would get repetitive for people that might want to follow the Ladyette on multiple platforms, but in reality, each of us follow so many others that posts are often lost or overlooked.  Maybe you miss something posted to Twitter, but when it's shared on Facebook a week later you get a second chance to be notified of it again.

Today, I want to breakdown each of these social media platforms used for the Ladyette and my personal use to give you a better idea of what to expected from each one.  I hope it inspires you in ways to use your own social media platforms to share your voice (or vision).

The Ladyette on Facebook
This Facebook page is strictly for the blog, nothing personal from me here.  This is the place to receive updates on blog new blog posts, revisit currently relevant posts from the blog archives, view extra photos not featured on the blog, and be a part of a community.  The best features of Facebook are the sharing capabilities and commenting structure.  If a post really resonates with you, it's easy to share it with friends.  I hope the commenting structure of Facebook will help to establish a community within the Ladyette, it's easy to comment on posts and then create separate comment threads for each reply.  Occasionally the Facebook page may share other relevant posts or articles that I think readers would connect with and enjoy.
What to expect in the future: interactive questions/prompts, book club discussions, and possible giveaways.

@mrsjesstingle on twitter
Twitter has quickly grown close to my heart.  For me, this is the platform I go to when I'm looking for inspiration and encouragement.  I curate the people I follow so that my feed is filled with encouraging thoughts, inspirational quotes, links to awesome articles that are usually either related to faith or entrepreneurship.  I use Twitter to be an inspiration to others.  Following @mrsjesstingle on Twitter means you can expect to see updates on blog posts (both new + old), inspirational scripture and quotes, thought provoking messages from me, and links to other posts and articles I find relevant for the type of people reading the Ladyette.  For me, Twitter is all about sharing and less about back and forth conversations (with the exceptions of Twitter chats, but more on that later).  I also retweet things that truly resonate with me, and will likely retweet any mentions of the Ladyette blog.  This platform is written more from my own personal perspective (different from the Facebook page) and while I keep it mostly inspirational, you can expect some personal messages or links to Instagram updates.
What to expect in the future: continual inspiration, quotes, and messages that you'll want to keep in your pocket and refer back to.

@mrsjesstingle on instagram
This account is my most personal social media stream.  Think of this as getting to know the girl behind the blog.  A behind the scenes look, if you will.  I share things that are currently going on in my life most of the time, or things I am thinking about and updates related to the blog are posted occasionally, although much less frequently than on other social media platforms.  I usually don't refer to archived posts here because Instagram doesn't really allow for linking to specific blog posts, only the main page which is accessed from my profile.  If you are only interested in Instagram posts relating to the blog and not everything from my personal feed, you can follow along with the hashtag #theladyette.
What to expect in the future: possible photo challenges and hashtags to participate with


mrsjesstingle on pinterest
Pinterest is really like a huge inspiration notebook for me.  I use different boards for different reasons, some are strictly image inspiration, others are images that link to specific articles and posts that I find interesting.  My topics are really broad, this like one huge collective of everything my brain finds interesting.  I hope you can use this as a source of inspiration.  There are of course pins specifically from the Ladyette blog, and you can follow along with my board which is just for this blog.  The board features occasional updates on blog posts, and some posts are posted to other boards if I think they are truly relevant and would be well received by the followers of that board.  I really like to use Pinterest as a way to connect with people with the same interests, and less as a resource for the blog, but I understand it can be much easier to view old posts from a new found blog via a specific board.
What to expect in the future: more pins to the Ladyette board from this blog, and the continued pins of inspiration for a broad range of topics

Follow Jessica's board the Ladyette on Pinterest.Follow Jessica's board life// on Pinterest.

I hope this social media break down provided you with some insight for each platform and how I use it.  I would be humbled if you followed me on each of these platforms, but I can completely understand and relate if you choose a specific platform.  Each platform has it's own set of advantages and these can be used in different ways.

I'm curious to know, what is your favorite social media platform?  and why?

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