Dec 12, 2014

Fall 2014 Capsule Wardrobe // Recap

I made it through two months of the capsule wardrobe, and as I previously said, I would consider that a success based on the fact that I learned so much from the process.  As the end of November came closer, I debated on continuing the capsule through December, especially because there were a few items I haven't even worn yet.  Ultimately I decided to bring the fall capsule wardrobe to a close and allow myself a little more freedom in December.  I'm really still operating a capsule wardrobe, I just edited it, taking some pieces out and adding some in.

I wanted to keep it up because of the commitment I had made, especially here on the blog.  But, the truth is, I felt like it would be dishonest to keep it up and act like it was all a piece of cake.  At the end of November it started to get more and more difficult.  I still had plenty more outfits that I hadn't worn yet and pieces I still hadn't worn, but I was bored.  That being said, it honestly doesn't surprise me with the first capsule.  Not only was this my first time figuring out figuring out what type of items to include, but I didn't have an awesome closet to start with.  I didn't love every single item in my closet so it's not surprising to me that I was a little discontent with the capsule, too.

But the most important part of a capsule wardrobe, for me, is the learning process.  The process of discovering what types of clothing I actually like, what clothing fits me best, and how to purchase more responsibly.  The shopping hiatus has been extremely helpful.  To be honest, I cheated.  Twice.  However, the two items I purchased were things I truly wanted to purchase and I've already worn them many times.  I'm learning to make fewer and better purchases rather than wasting so much on pieces that I don't actually like all that much.  For that reason, I'm considering the cheat okay.  Other than that, the best part was being able to make easier decisions.  It actually did take me less time to figure out what to wear when I knew exactly which pieces I had to choose from.  Having fewer options actually gave me some freedom.  Freedom to actually make a choice in a reasonable amount of time.

So, I will be creating another capsule beginning in January.  This time I am planning ahead to take on the capsule for two months and then allow myself another break.  It's basically allowing myself some breathing room but still challenging myself to be content with what I already have.

I'm curious to know all of your thoughts on a capsule wardrobe.  Have you tried it?  Will you be trying it again?  What do you like or dislike?

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