Dec 29, 2014

Favorite Posts of 2014

As this year comes to a close I thought I would finish with a round up of favorite posts from twenty fourteen.  The compilation is a combination of your favorite posts (highest pageviews) and a few of my own (in no particular order).

Twenty fourteen as been an incredible year of growth for me.  I have an entirely fresh perspective going into twenty fifteen and I am more than excited for what it holds.  Stay tuned for a January series of posts centered around the idea of a fresh start.

1. My Word for 2014: Inspire // 2. You Are Not Worthless. // 3. My Capsule Wardrobe // Fall 2014
4. My Edited Life // 5. 50 Christian Workout Songs // 6. The 100 Dollar Bill
7. 10 Reasons to Start a Blog Today // 8. A Heart for Hospitality // 9. There is Room for You

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