Dec 7, 2014

Goals With Grace // December Goals

Last month was my first Goals With Grace post.  I'd like to place an extra special emphasis on the word grace.  As in, giving myself grace for not meeting all the goals I set out for.  I might have been a little overly ambitious considering we were out of town for two weekends in a row followed by Thanksgiving festivities.  I'm planning to take it a little slower for December because I really want to enjoy Christmas this year and stress less.  And let's be honest, I already have a long list of goals for January.  2015 is going to be a year full of doing.  But let's not jump ahead just yet, right?

A Review of November's Goals
  • Get family photos taken of Ryan, me, and Bear. // This did not happen because the day we had it planned for rained and we were never able to reschedule.  Maybe we can have a December snow session!
  • Try some new recipes. // Sadly, this did not happen either, but we did break out a few that we hadn't fixed in a while so that should count for something.
  •  Take more photos of everyday life.  //  I have been doing this, I'm just not sharing all of it.  I'm realize that not everything has to be posted to social media or shared, some of it is just meant to hold on to.
  • Continue exercising at least three days a week (our October vacation messed this up!)  //  We did this twice.  And I don't mean twice a week.  So, I don't think I can cross it off.
  • Create and order a photo album from the last year or so.  //  Hasn't happened yet but I'm shooting for December.
  • Finish replacing all of the interior doors in our house.  //  We are so close!
  • Build a headboard for our bedroom (Ryan's project, but I help!)  //  This did happen and it is awesome, and my husband is awesome, and I just love it.  I posted a sneak peek here.
  • Work hard to get our Christmas shopping done by the second week of December so we can really enjoy this time of year more!  //  I think we're going to accomplish this!  We're on track so far!
  • Paint the basement door with chalkboard paint and replace the hardware.  //  Also didn't happen because with all the laundry before and after our out of town trips and then hosting Thanksgiving dinner, I just didn't have the energy.
  • Keep going with my fall capsule wardrobe!  // This was a success! I finished out this month and a new report is coming soon.
December Goals
  •  Finish Christmas shopping early! No more last minute stress.
  • Watch some Christmas movies with the husband.
  • Add a Christmas or winter wreath to the front door.
  • Host a get together.
  • Put together my winter capsule wardrobe.
I'm realizing that I need to focus more on the quality of each month's goals rather than trying to cram as much in as I possibly can.  It's time to focus on the important things.  So part of December is going to be spent thinking about January and the start of 2015.  What am I hoping for in 2015?  What are the top priorities?  I fully believe that we can do anything...but not everything.  At least, not all at once.  So we have to figure out what we're supposed to be doing right now and that takes a lot of prayer and a lot of listening.  I have to put my plans aside and be willing to give God the reigns.

What are you hoping for in December?  Have you started thinking about 2015 yet?

    Goals with Grace is a link-up hosted by Hayley Morgan at The Tiny Twig.  To participate, visit her blog.  She is a huge inspiration to me, and so many other women.  I hope you're inspired !


    1. Jessica, I am peeking in from Goals with Grace and so appreciated your thoughtfulness both in your November and in your December goals. I think you did a great job this month of positing the bigger priorities as your goals, and I look forward to seeing how it all comes to fruition in January. I have been working with the idea of a capsule wardrobe as well. Looking forward to your insights. Best, Liza

    2. I love that - "We can do anything...but not everything." So true!
      I've been wanting to watch some Christmas movies with my husband as well! :)