Jan 26, 2015

Fresh Start // Hair, Skin, and Nails

Winter is not a great season for my hair, skin, or nails.  The low temperature and lack of moisture in the air leaves everything feeling dry and leaves me feeling brittle.  I'll admit all the beauty tips and tricks are still a learning process for me, but the biggest challenge is taking the time out to actually do them.  I'm trying to be different this year and pay more attention to the way I treat my body so that twenty years from now I can be thankful.

A few beauty tips and tricks for the winter blues:

- Wash your hair every other day, or go even longer between washes if you can.  Shampoo strips moisture from the hair.  Use dry shampoo as an alternative to make it last a little longer.
- Avoid brushing your hair when it's really wet because that's when it's the most brittle, and avoid blow drying your hair if possible (Although this is a great blow drying tutorial).
- Static is a result of dry hair, to fix this problem in a hurry apply a small amount of lotion to your hands and run it through your strands, or rub an unscented dryer sheet over your hair (I do this all the time).
- Take the time to deep condition your hair (with something like this).

- As good as a hot shower feels on a cold day, it actually takes the moisture from your skin.  Lukewarm water temps are better.
- Apply a good, lightweight moisturizer morning and night. (This is my favorite: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion )
- Keep lip balm handy in your purse, your desk drawer, and on your nightstand.  Winter winds dry out lips quickly and leave them chapped.  My favorites for extreme winter lips are Carmex and Aquaphor.
- Adding make-up to dry skin can create a flaky mess. Wear a lightweight foundation.  (I like Clinique Almost Powder because it covers well and mixes well if I need to add moisturizer to a troubled area mid-day).
- Protect your skin when going out in the cold.  Wear gloves, scarves, etc. to protect your skin from the wind chill and to hold moisture in.

- Apply a thin coat of clear nail polish to protect the winter winds from zapping the moisture out of your nails (Sally Hansen is super affordable).
- Consider taking the vitamin Biotin (B7) or foods that contain biotin. It's actually good for hair, skin, and nails.
- Prevent uncomfortable dry hands by applying lotion or hand cream every time you wash your hands and even before bedtime (I love this one).
-  Take the bedtime routine one step further by wearing gloves all night, after applying lotion, to really lock in the moisture.

I hope a few of these tips are helpful for you.  I struggle with the things that take extra time such as deep conditioning my hair.  But I seriously use dryer sheets to resolve my static problems all the time.  Do you have any winter care tips?

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