Jan 10, 2015

Fresh Start // Introduction

I wanted to begin January in the best way possible. I wanted to begin with a fresh slate. January first begins a blank slate. It’s a book full of 365 blank pages. The idea of resolutions are fine, I’m not one to hate them, but I wanted something that might stick a little better throughout the year. Choosing a word for 2015 is good, but it just takes on the broad vision of the year. Setting monthly goals is a positive thing, and something I will continue, but I wanted to dig a little deeper into the areas of my life that just need a fresh start. Which is pretty much everything. We constantly go, go, go and wear ourselves down until we give out, so what better time to slow down and start fresh than the beginning of a new year?

I actually really love the month of January. Everyone is still coming off of a “holiday high” from Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year celebrations all packed in to the last 6 weeks of the year. The holidays are over but there is still quite a bit of cheer around. And January feels slow. It’s slow because we feel like we still have eleven other months to accomplish things (much unlike November when we realize there’s only one month left in the year). It’s slow because we need a break from the hustle of the holidays. It’s slow because we need it to be. I need it to be.

Over the next couple of weeks I will be sharing a series of posts centered around the idea of a fresh start and each one focusing on a different topic. Each new post will be added to this link list, so you may use it as a landing page for all the fresh start topics.

quiet time
contentment + gratitude
hair, skin, nails
work habits
friendship + fellowship

This series is not about me expressing some high level of knowledge of a vast range of topics, because frankly I don’t have that. I do not claim to be any kind of expert in any of these areas, I’m just a girl in the thick of life sharing my thoughts with friends and learning as I go. If you have any advice to offer me or anyone else, we would all greatly appreciate it, so please, dive in to the topics that truly resonate with you. Let’s build community.

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