Jan 1, 2015

My Word for 2015: Brave

Last year I began a new tradition of picking one word to focus on each year.  My word for 2014 was inspire.  As I reflected on that, I can see how that word truly played out in 2014, even sometimes unintentionally.  I put in the effort to purge all my social media accounts, making sure my feed is full of things that inspire me to live better rather than coveting or beating myself up with comparison.  I found more blogs to read with authentic topics rather than gravitation towards fashion blogs as much.  There were even some major changes made to this blog, the topics covered, the overall mission, and the heart behind it all.  From the outside view, not too many things changed in my life during 2014, but the amount of work that God put into my heart this year has been priceless and some of those things haven't even surfaced yet.

Choosing a word for 2015 was a piece of cake.  God has been laying that on my heart for the last few months.  I'm learning what it means to actually give my life over to him.  I've spent so many years trying to be in control and it wasn't until a few months ago that something changed, and I realized I had never fully understand how to give my life to God.  I hung all to all the worries, all the plans, and I wanted control.  I knew I wanted to live out Gods plans for my life, but it was a series of me questioning him, like "Hey, God, can I do this with my life?  What about this?  I just know this would be perfect.  Please?"  It made me feel completely unhappy with where I am now.  Then pieces of devotionals and things I was reading began to come together.  I finally realized that if my life wasn't what I thought it would be, or what I thought I wanted it to be, that would be okay.  God would put me where he wanted me and I finally understood that His plan was the absolute best plan.  Not necessarily the best plan for making money, for being happy, for my family, or anything specific.  Just the best thing for my life.  I don't know the big picture, I don't know how this all ends.  But He does.

This year I feel that God is calling me to be brave.  Stepping out of my comfort zone takes bravery.  I need to be brave enough to trust more in His plans than in my own, or anyone else.  I want to listen to God's plan for my life more than I listen to others.  I want to be brave enough to trust him to the fullest so that I may live my life to the fullest.  I want to be brave enough to start conversations that matter.  I need to be brave enough to put forth more effort in all of my relationships and friendships, and to do so without expecting anything in return.  I need to be brave enough to stop caring about what others will think if I don't follow the norm.  I need to be brave enough not to worry.  To let go of everything and trust that God is in control.

Too many times fear has held me back, in small things and in big things, too.  In 1 John 4:18, God's Word tells us there is no fear in love because perfect love casts out fear.  God's love is so perfect, eternal, and unconditional.  That alone is enough reason to be brave.

brave // 2015

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  1. Love this.
    Happy 2015!
    I can't wait to see how the Lord makes you brave this year. :)