Feb 20, 2015

Fresh Start // Marriage

When I started the Fresh Start series for this blog, I had intentions to cover several topics within the topic of marriage.  But, I think a better post would be to just write about what I struggle with most of the time.  And that is time with my husband, and taking it for granted.

My personality enjoys focusing on many different things at once, and so my freetime is spent much in the same way.  That meant my husband was never really getting my full attention because I had some multitasking ulterior motive.  Like having date night with my husband but spending the car ride, time waiting for our food, and other precious moments catching up on my Instagram and Facebook feeds.  I even considered it date night to have hubby help me take pictures for the blog.  And we did have fun, so that made it seem ok, but my personal focus was entirely in the wrong place.

So I decided something had to change and I started praying about it continually.  I started managing my time better to get things done while hubby was busy too, that way both of our freetimes could be focused on each other.  I started leaving my phone in my purse during car rides so I'm not even tempted to start scrolling (although I still fail at this way too much), and then we decided together that having one night a week designated for date night would help, too.

It's tempting to cheat at date night, because I mean, we are married so we eat dinner together a lot.  That should count, right?  I used to think so.  But that's just part of the everyday life of being married, it comes with the territory.  To strengthen our marriage and continue growing with each other, we both think it's important to have that time of undivided attention as well as putting forth a little extra effort to make it feel more special than the every day.

So we decided to create a date night jar (you've probably seen these all over Pinterest).  We filled it with slips of paper each with a date night idea.  We repeated some of our favorites and we didn't set a specific number like 52 because we know that we have designated one night a week to be date night but some of those weeks will have to just be dinner.  It's really just a jar with ideas for those nights when we can't think of anything to do or we want something outside of our normal go-to activities.  A couple of our ideas are: homemade pizza night, nerf gun wars, watching old home videos, making an entire dinner from scratch with family recipes, and bowling (because we always forget that option).

Are you taking back date night this year?

// Read: "Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.  Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace."  Ephesians 4:2-3

// Listen: Always Only You by Josh Wilson

// Pray: Lord, I pray for a strong marriage that is a testimony of your love and grace.  I pray for strength for my husband and that he would seek to be the type of husband you want him to be.  I pray for myself to be both humble and strong in our marriage and to be the type of wife you have called me to be.  Please help us to life each other up and carry each others' burdens.  To pay attention to our marriage and to each other so that we might strength it and nurture it.  I pray for a marriage of three between myself, my husband, and you, my God.  I pray for a marriage that seeks You first  and builds a strong foundation for a family.  Please give me discernment and wisdom for the wife I am to be.

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  1. I love that you both put in ideas.
    I've wanted to do this but wasn't sure how to include fun things that my husband would like too.
    Now it's like, "Duh! Ask him!" ;)