I'm Jessica - a fashion lover, craft enthusiast, and aspiring hand lettering artist.  I'm married to my best friend Ryan and we live in a small town with an amazing dog named Bear.  Welcome to my little corner of the internet.

I currently spend my days as an auditor for the government.  This space is my escape, my creative outlet, and my story.  I began my blog in 2011 as a space to share my love for style, creativity, and photography.  It has since developed into so much more - it is a part of me.  It is a place for me to share my story and my belief in an awesome Savior.  I strive to be authentic and share both my joys and my struggles in this space.  I want this to be a space for shared interests, encouragement, and inspiration.  My goal is to inspire people to live, to change, to seek after dreams, to let go of unhappy things, to find purpose, and to love with a love that is so compassionate it cannot possibly come from any other source than God.